About Air New Zealand Gas Turbines

Air New Zealand Gas Turbines (ANZGT) is a world leading OEM approved gas turbine service provider, with an international reputation for quality repair and overhaul services on General Electric LM2500 and LM5000 gas turbines.

ANZGT provides up to 4 level depot maintenance in Auckland, New Zealand, and its dedicated field services team provide level 1 & 2 maintenance onsite. Part of Air New Zealand's Engineering and Maintenance team, ANZGT shares the operators' focus on cost effective quality, reliability, and engine performance.

The key difference in Air New Zealand Gas Turbines' service is our focus on customer and response support.

Corporate structure

Air New Zealand Gas Turbines is a business unit within Air New Zealand Limited.

Quality management

Air New Zealand Gas Turbines has its own exposition and quality system, linking into Air New Zealand's Engineering and Maintenance quality, safety, and environmental systems.

Global service

Any LM2500 or LM5000 operator anywhere in the world seeking quality support, onsite or full depot overhaul, can look to Air New Zealand Gas Turbines


Air New Zealand Engineering and Maintenance has overhauled aero engines supporting Air New Zealand since the 1940's and gas turbines since the 1970's.

Experience the difference

We are proud of our welcoming kiwi culture, which has enabled us over the last two decades to establish long term business relationships with our customers from around the world.