Field Services

Rapid response and top quality field service anywhere, at any time

Our team prides itself on its reputation for fixes in the field.

Air New Zealand Gas Turbines operates two teams of field service technicians based in Bakersfield, California, USA and Auckland, New Zealand. They operate 24/7 for immediate mobilisation.

The field service teams perform extensive on-site repairs on oil and gas platforms, aboard commercial and military marine vessels and onshore. Tasks include boroscopes, hot section change-outs, top case removals, and trim balancing.

Backed by a GE approved heavy maintenance depot, ANZGT has over 20 years experience in gas turbine field maintenance. Our teams are completely self contained with pre packed, mobile modular, fly away tool-kits. Our US customers are supported by our fully equipped ANZGT Field Services workshop in Bakersfield, California.


  • Level 1&2 GE maintenance
  • Periodic inspections
  • Hot section change-outs
  • Top case removals
  • Engine laser alignment
  • Gas generator trim balance
  • Brush generator trim balance
  • Turbine lube oil system flushing
  • Borescope – DVD or digital photo
  • Stage to stage variable geometry rigging
  • Semi-annual inspections on GT and package support systems

Support for due diligence

  • GT physical condition assessment
  • Package material history reviews
  • Assessment of maintenance schedules
  • Spare parts inventory assessment
  • Service and package bulletin compliance

Support for depot repair and overhaul

  • Complete service from work scope development to test review
  • Onsite engine or module removal and packing for shipment
  • Onsite engine unpacking and installation post overhaul
  • Post overhaul engine start-up and system check