Marine services

ANZGT has proven performance in supporting several of the world's navies, fast ferries and offshore oil and gas platforms.

Marine service history

ANZGT's work in the gas turbine industry actually began in the marine sector more than 30 years ago in 1980.

Air New Zealand was approached by the Australian government and GE to support the Royal Australian Navy with their recently acquired FFG7 Perry class fleet of frigates. These frigates housed twin LM2500 twin shank turbine engines. ANZGT continues to support maintenance of the Royal Australian Navy fleet to this day.

Military navies

In 1992 General Electric awarded Air New Zealand a contract by to build the LM2500 engines and packages for the new ANZAC fleet of ships over a 12 year period. ANZGT continue to support these engines for the Royal New Zealand Navy and Royal Australian Navy.

In 2002 ANZGT was the first commercial company outside of the US Navy's own repair facility to be selected as a preferred contractor for a US Navy LM2500 overhaul, and has since carried out similar work and field service work for several navies around the world.

In 2010 ANZGT was approached by the Royal Australian Navy to upgrade an LM2500 twin shank turbine engine from its FFG7 Perry class fleet to a LM2500 single shank turbine specification delivering 30,172 HP nearly a one-third increase in power over the original twin shank engine's 20,500 HP. This was the first time an approved MRO in the world had carried out such an upgrade.

Fast ferries

In the early 2000s ANZGT was selected as the preferred maintenance supplier for the HSC Villum Clausen, a fast ferry owned and operated by Danske Faerger AS operating between Ystad and Ronne in the Baltic sea and equipped with two LM2500 engines.

The LM2500 powers many of the fast catamaran ferries connecting coastal communities around the world and ANZGT is a preferred supplier to operators from Scandinavia to Asia and South America.

Oil and gas platforms

The LM2500 engine is also used for power and gas compression on offshore platforms. These platforms work in hostile and harsh environments often in remote locations throughout the world. ANZGT has supported the maintenance of these engines throughout the world since the mid 1990s.

ANZGT supplies both Field Services and overhaul support to these mission critical power plants for several of the world's leading oil and gas drilling organisations

Field Services

ANZGT has a dedicated team of field service technicians based in both Auckland, New Zealand and Bakersfield, California USA. These field service teams operate on a 24/7 basis and can be mobilised on short notice.

The field service teams can perform extensive on site repairs including but not limited to: boroscopes, periodic inspections, hot section change-outs, top case removals, trim balancing and many other services as required.