Global service

Any LM2500 or LM5000 operator anywhere in the world seeking quality support, onsite or full depot overhaul, can look to Air New Zealand Gas Turbines (ANZGT).

Air New Zealand Gas Turbines is a global service company with customers on six continents.

ANZGT's current LM2500 and LM5000 capability includes gas turbines models with applications in industries such as:

  • Commercial and Military Marine (propulsion)
  • Energy Generation (on-grid power generation, remote locations)
  • Co-Generation (off-grid power generation)
  • Oil (Extraction and drive)
  • Gas (Compression and flow drive)
  • Pulp & Paper (dry process applications and off-grid power generation)
  • Industrial (several industrial applications, including power)

We have developed expertise on global logistics, supply chain, and global field service mobilization. ANZGT can become a trusted partner when it comes to services and maintenance requirements for your LM2500 and LM5000 gas turbines, anywhere they are located.