Air New Zealand Engineering and Maintenance has overhauled aero engines supporting Air New Zealand since the 1940's and gas turbines since the 1970's.

More than 35 years ago, GE approached Air New Zealand to support the LM2500 marine and industrial derivative of the CF6 aero engine. In 2006 the airline's engine division was renamed Air New Zealand Gas Turbines and set up with its own management to focus exclusively on the global marine and industrial gas turbine business.

Aero origins

Air New Zealand Gas Turbines has operated an engine overhaul facility in Auckland since the national airline's formation in the mid-1940's.

During the early 1970's through to 2006 the engine shop supported the airline's General Electric CF6 engines on its DC10, B747, and B767 aircraft.

From the early 1980's through to 2006 the engine shop also supported the airline's Rolls-Royce RB211 equipped B747-200's and, from the early 90's, the Rolls-Royce-powered B747-400 aircraft.

Diversifying into marine and industrial


GE approached Air New Zealand to help support the LM2500 marine and industrial engine (CF6-6 derivative engine). The Australian government approached Air New Zealand and GE seeking support for the Royal Australian Navy's new FFG7 Perry class frigates powered by twin LM2500 engines.

'80's & '90's:

Independent LM2500, LM5000 and LM6000 operators approached Air New Zealand for both depot and field service support forming the foundation of the exclusive marine and industrial business Air New Zealand Gas Turbines operates today.


GE awarded Air New Zealand the contract to build the LM2500 engines and packages for the new ANZAC frigates plus a spare engine over a 12-year period. Air New Zealand Gas Turbines continues to support these Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Navy ships.


Air New Zealand was the first commercial company to win a US Navy LM2500 engine overhaul. The relationship with the USA Navy continues until this day.


Air New Zealand Gas Turbines (ANZGT) was created and the engine shop was dedicated to the LM series marine and industrial market exclusively, supporting gas turbine engines operating in the power generation, gas and oil, and commercial marine markets.


Air New Zealand Gas Turbines became the sole GE LM5000 parts supplier to the world market and the depot repair facility for GE's LM5000 lease fleet.


Air New Zealand Gas Turbines & GE were selected as the preferred contractor for the Royal Australian Navy's LM2500 Gas Turbines in Service Support Contract.


Air New Zealand Gas Turbines received multiple awards and signs LTSA contracts with foreign navies to service their LM2500 GT fleet.


ANZGT continues to position itself as a flexible and quality repair facility for the LM2500 and legacy LM5000 fleet of gas turbine engines utilized in gas & oil, energy, co-generation, and marine sectors.