Repair capabilities

All LM2500 and LM5000 components are repaired and maintained by GE approved vendors.

In close proximity to the engine maintenance line, ANZGT maintains a wide range of depot level component repair and recovery services.

Plasma spray

  • 35 different coatings and thicknesses
  • Plasma spray, thermal arc (HVOF), metalising techniques

Electroplating processes


  • 2 plane (dynamic), single plane (static)

Co-ordinate measuring

  • Confirmation of dimensions [Temperature- and humidity-controlled atmosphere]
  • Renishaw motorised probe-head

Specialised machining

  • Internal and external grinding, CNC turning, milling-horizontal and vertical

Specialised welding

  • Tig welding, dabber tig, spot welding, magnesium and aluminium alloys, nickel/cobalt alloys, titanium

Heat treatment

  • Low temperature furnace
  • High temperature furnace
  • Abar vacuum furnace calibrated for argon atmosphere

Fuel system components

  • Testing rigs available for fuel flow, pressure testing

Non-destructive testing and inspection

  • Fluorescent penetrant inspection
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Ultrasonic
  • Thermographic
  • Borescope

Material testing

  • Sample preparation
  • Tensile, bend, sheer, peel, hardness, cyclic testing
  • Temperature-controlled testing