Quality management

"Aviation is our DNA". Air New Zealand Gas Turbines has its own exposition and quality system, linking into Air New Zealand's Engineering and Maintenance quality, safety, and environmental systems.

We understand that quality has many dimensions. One of them is the quality of a gas turbine that has been repaired in our depot. Quality to ANZGT implies several aspects:

  • Engine performance
  • Build philosophy
  • Customer care
  • On budget
  • Repair duration (TAT)
  • Exceeding expectations

The repair and overhaul of LM2500 and LM5000 gas turbines is surely one of the most complex services a company can offer. Because of the following factors, we want to make sure all risk factors are minimised, so we can ultimately increase the overall quality of the service and the LM engine.

  • Number of piece parts
  • Condition of the engine
  • Uncontrolled variables at site
  • Dependence on supply chain and material availability
  • Global demand for aviation-related repairs
  • Challenges of operating on a global basis 

Air New Zealand Gas Turbines maintains an aviation-standard document and data control system in conjunction with Air New Zealand Technical Operations.