Technical services

Our engineering team provides expert technical advice, authorisation, analysis and certification support to our customers and our technicians in the workshops and in the field.

Engineering support services

  • Trend monitoring via on-site operational data graphing and review
  • Critical parts life-management and component history review
  • Review of operational data logs, field reports, maintenance events, service bulletins for effective work scope creation
  • Supporting production, the commercial team, and the customer with all aspects of a depot visit
  • Assessment following engine or module disassembly for effective repair work scoping
  • Module reports
  • Final depot visit reports
  • Pre-induction test cell test fault diagnosis for effective repair work scoping
  • Inspection findings (strip/condition reports, defect reports)
  • Repair development
  • Component defect analysis through to high level event investigations
  • Onsite and depot investigations
  • Independent or inhouse root cause analysis

Interface with GE

  • Technical advice and information share via routine interface with GE Engineering support
  • Access to GE technical documents and intellectual property (e.g. tooling drawings)
  • Departure Records (DRs) - We fully document minor deviations to repair manual recommendations or items not addressed by the repair manuals
  • Access to Customised Customer Repair records (CCRs) and GE Engineering support to address non-routine damage or findings not covered in the repair manuals

Knowledge base and training

  • Attending GE and local specialist training courses
  • Ongoing interaction with GE and customer base
  • Attending and presenting at global aero-derivative gas turbine conferences e.g. Western Turbine Users Inc Conference
  • International Frigate working group